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Cinderella, Toronto

Our family travels to DisneyWorld every year and my daughter is very familiar with all the Princesses. We were a little nervous about having a princess come to her party as I have seen Princesses from other companies and I am always disappointed. However, when I found Fantasy Fables I knew they were going to be great. When Cinderella came to our house, I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion. She was the most beautiful Cinderella I have ever seen. She was always in perfect character with the most amazing singing voice. I have to say her gown was as spectacular as the one from the park.

Thank you Fantasy Fables for making dreams come true.

Connie Parker, Toronto


Ariel, Toronto

My husband and I were amazed by your Ariel at Casa Loma. We called and booked her for our daughter’s party. She was so beautiful and in character for the entire party. Thank you so much!

Laura A., Etobicoke


Belle, Ottawa

I want to thank you for making my daughters 4th birthday an unforgettable one. We surprised her with a visit from Belle and from the moment she walked into the door she had captured all 10 little girls attention. Her voice was magnificent, she looked beautiful and she made our daughter feel incredibly special. While she sang she twirled her around and held her hand. All the parents were amazed how great she was. She was so patient and never once did she even for one second break character. She interacted so well with the children and brought tears to most of our eyes.I will not hesitate to use this company again. When I called to arrange the reservation Krista made it so easy for me. She answered all of my questions and made me feel reassured that everything would go smoothly. She delivered!

My youngest daughter has said that she would like to invite Snow White to her birthday party in September. Luckily mom and dad have those kind of connections…

Vicki C.


Pop Star Chloe, Toronto

I just wanted to let you all know that Chloe was a huge hit. My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time. She has watched the video 3 times already and the party was just Saturday. Chloe is very talented and great with kids. She was even able to convince one of the shy girls to participate. If I could, I would have Chloe every year for my daughter’s party. So appreciative of the great day.

Diane Cook


Pocahontas, Toronto

Recently we had a princess come to our home for my daughters birthday. My daughter turned 3, so Pocahontas was requested, and she arrived promptly at our home on January 7th. And she was amazing. The girls didn’t even let her sit down, so she was at their level the entire time. I give your ladies a huge round of applause how they hold it together. The kids were all over the place, they kept spitting out silly things to say. Parents are talking and doing their thing. But she never breaks her role. We couldn’t have been happier with the hour she spent with us, it was worth the cost 100%. In fact we were so happy with the results, our other daughter is requesting a princess for her birthday. Even to this day, 2 weeks later, my girls are still pretending to be Pocahontas. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and very magical service.

Thanks again.
Theresa Harrison


Cinderella, Etobicoke

My daughter Emily was very surprised when she opened the door to see Cinderella! All the kids and parents were very impressed with Cinderella’s voice. She sang beautifully! Emily and her friends enjoyed dancing and playing games with Cinderella. Emily especially loved her special gifts from Cinderella, tiara and bracelet. All the little girls LOVED the bracelets, makeup & glitter nailpolish especially and autograph. Thank you for truly making Emily’s birthday a magical one. We went on a disney cruise last November and it was great to have Cinderella celebrate Emily’s birthday at home. Thank you so much!

Jennifer T.


Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Mississauga

I want to thank you very much for the amazing performance by Ariel. She performed at my daughters sixth birthday party. Firstly, she looked absolutely gorgeous! She had everyone in awe (the adults too). When we heard her voice we were so impressed. A true princess for sure! The girls were in love with her. She had them all at ease and fascinated. I must say, I was a little nervous since I had no referrals of Fantasy Fables. I was sold by your website and the customer comments. I was more than pleased and impressed with your professionalism and reliability. Thank you very much! I wish I had known of you earlier but I will definitely spread the word. Thank you again Ariel, everything about you was perfect!

Cathy Giombani


Belle, Mississauga

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how wonderful Belle was at my niece Ashlyns birthday party on Sat. We could not believe her talent. Her voice was amazing and had all the kids in Ahh. She was such a pleasure to watch and she was so very good with all the girls. She made Ashlyn really feel like a Princess. You definitely have a great member to your team and I will let everyone know just how wonderful she was. She even allowed me to take her picture with Ashlyns grandfather and it made his day. Ashlyn was so excited that Belle was making a special trip to her party that she insisted on making Belle a loot bag like she made for all her friends. Belle was very good about it and made Ashlyn so happy.

Please extend my sincere thanks to Belle as this was Ashlyns first real birthday party with friends. She and I will remember it always. I definetly will call you for the next occasion I have for her.

Many thanks,
Anne Marie B.


Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Newmarket

I just wanted to let you know that the Ariel that came to my daughter’s party was amazing!!!!! Everyone including the adults were amazed with her voice, acting, style etc. She definitely was the highlight of the party. I could not have picked a better Ariel! It was a surprise for my daughter (Sabrina) who was turning 4. After the party she says to me “Mommy my dream came true.” I said “ What was your dream?” She says “ Ariel came to my birthday party!” Thanks so much for making my daughter’s birthday truly magical and memorable!

Karima Jetha


Cinderella, Scarborough

I would like to express our sincere thanks to Fantasy Fables for sending us the most beautiful princess, Cinderella on my daughter’s 7th Birthday. It was a wonderful, magical and memorable night for Jaimee, my daughter, the rest of the kids as well as the parents. We had this dream came true feeling when Cinderella graciously and flawlessly enters the hall. It felt like we were at the moment at Disney’s Magic Kingdom celebrating my daughter’s birthday. Everyone was so surprised and speechless to see Cinderella. Much more amazed and captivated by her beauty and her voice when she started singing and dancing. It was the greatest performance and greatest birthday party ever. I highly recommend Fantasy Fables to all our family and friends. Thank you very much Cinderella for making it possible for Jaimee to have her Royal, Magical 7th Birthday party.

Best Regards,
Jacqueline Gonzales


Belle, Oakville

I do not even know where to start!!!
Belle arrived at Princess Veronica’s Birthday and everyone was totally surprised! We pulled it off…Thank you. The Birthday girl was absolutely speechless and couldn’t believe her eyes. The day after the party all Veronica could talk about was how “Belle left the castle to come to my Birthday Party”. Belle was FANTASTIC!!! She had the children totally engaged in her show and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought we were at Disney watching a show…. But Fantasy Fables brought Disney to us! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much… without you this could not have been possible… you truly saved the day…

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Mary Camastra


Sleeping Beauty, Guelph

The party we had on June the 4th was made so magical by the lovely Sleeping Beauty. Despite thunderstorms, fallen trees and repeated power failure, she not only made it to our home safe and sound from her faraway royal castle, but she presented all of her songs and games in true princess-style! You should be very proud of this princess, as she maintained her royal composure even when the lights went out and her princess c.d. player couldn’t be used! Thank you to Sleeping Beauty for adding a special, personal touch to the twins’ 3rd birthday… from her many hugs to her sweet conversations with the little princesses and princes… nothing went unnoticed! Everyone (young and not-so-young!) was in awe of Sleeping Beauty…she had a very “fairytale sense of magic and specialness” to her. Thanks again to Sleeping Beauty for making this day so wonderful for Juliana and Marco. The photos turned out wonderful!

Sabrina from Guelph


Snow White, Burlington

Thank you for bringing Snow White to my daughter’s 5th birthday party. The quote of the day? One of the little girls said to another, “I thought when we came here that it would just be someone dressed up as Snow White, but that was the REAL Snow White!”

It was a superb performance –a delight to watch. The performer engaged all of the children and dealt with all the unexpected things they do and say and held their attention for the full hour. The considerable talent and attention to the details brought the performance to life and made her more than a dress up character- the poise, the grace, tiny flourishes with her hands and eyes, with opportunities to enjoy her dancing and singing, as she does in the movie. She was obviously a talented vocalist as well!

Very impressive – you far exceeded our expectations and made magic happen for a little girl.

Paul Robinson and Cindy Rozeboom


Sleeping Beauty, Ottawa

This past Sunday, Princess Aurora was our guest of honour at my daughter Isabella’s 6th birthday party. Please send Princess Aurora our words of sincere thanks and gratitude for having made this event the most special and memorable not only for Isabella but also her 13 other friends. It was most amazing to witness; up until Princess Aurora’s arrival, all the girls were practically frenetic in anticipation, and then were jumping up and down, and whooping with excitment when they finally spotted her walking up the driveway. From the moment she entered our home, though she wove her magic, and all the children become subdued, so awed were they by her presence. Princess Aurora was a true princess in every way, smiling always and was extremely patient, kind and soft-spoken with all the children. In spite of the mass of girls crowding around her much of the time, she didn’t lose her grace once, though I imagine, it wasn’t easy for her at times with all the children there to attend to. All the girls were especially thrilled to have had their faces made up and nails painted by her. Even today (2 days after the party), I watched Isabella and one of our party guests (a classmate of my daughters), glowingly showing off their painted nails to their teacher. The best moment for me happened though, as I was putting my daughter to sleep Sunday evening. She kept saying this had been her best, best day EVER!!! (Score 1 point for Princess Aurora, and another point for Mom) Thank You So Very Much Princess Aurora!!
P.S. If it is possible, please forward this message also to Princess Aurora for her to read as well, because she needs to know she had been terrific, real grace under pressure!

Nicole, and Isabella Hoe


Belle, Richmond Hill

Just to comment on today’s party for Julia. Belle came to Julia’s party, and she was perfect in every way. We all couldn’t stop raving about her after she left. The adults loved her as much as the children did! Julia and her friends were just in heaven! Belle was punctual, BEAUTIFUL, and even sang just like Belle. If I couldn’t see, I would have thought I was listening to the movie! Thank you thank you thank you, it was so worth it. I’m sooo happy Belle created such a wonderful memory for my daughter that she will never forget!

Michelle C.


Cinderella, Mississauga

We had Cinderella today for our daughter’s Laila’s 3rd Birthday and I just wanted to write to tell how impressed I was! She was so professional and perfect! Her dress, hair and makeup were lovely, her voice was beautiful, mannerisms and etiquette just perfect. What a wonderful & beautiful Cinderella she was! All the kids and adults were so amazed and entertained, what a wonderful job she did! It was like she was hand picked right from the Disney movie! All the little girls enjoyed her stories and songs and getting their make up and nails done. They loved their bracelet’s and my daughter was just in awe with her beautiful crown!

Thank you again so much, I will definitely be recommending Fantasy Fables to my friends and clients!

Lindsey Macdonald.


Belle, Oakville

I am writing to you to let you know this mother is ecstatic with the birthday party she threw for her daughter, only thanks to Belle! who came to us and gave us all a magical time. I can only imagine how busy Belle is, in her castle with Beast, enjoying her new-found love. I understand how valuable time is with a romantic partner, and really appreciate the fact Belle could come to our party. Since you allow opportunity for her to come to birthday parties, I just had to write you to let you know what an amazing job she did. Self-esteem for little girls is so precious, and the creation (or negation) of that esteem can start at an early age, and just one experience can mould it for a lifetime. I can say, definitely, that not just my daughter Katherine came away feeling glowing, but all the participants at the party. Even the skeptical adults (and some non-believers in magic) were sitting entranced. Belle made everyone in the room captivated for the all-too-short time she was here. Her sincere smile and gentle and warm demeanor made an otherwise average birthday party spectacular. She had all the children captivated with all the activities she mastered, and each child felt like a Princess.

I will boast the merits of your business to anyone who asks. I’ve made my daughter an album of pictures from the day, a day she’ll remember forever. Thank you for making Princesses come to birthday parties, making younger Princesses feel very special.

May you and yours have a Magical Day!
Sincerely, Juliana R. Billing
Mother of Katherine


Sleeping Beauty, Mississauga

I just wanted to thank you for my daughters Princess birthday party with Sleeping Beauty. FABULOUS is how I would describe it. Simply WONDERUL! The princess was so PERFECT. She was so wonderful with the 12 girls. I still can’t stop talking about it!. I wished Sleeping Beauty could have stayed longer! We had a rainy day and yet this princess was ever so polite and always with a smile. I would highly recommend Fantasy Fables. From the beginning of booking the party to the princess arriving, to the princess leaving it was such a nice company to deal with, everyone so nice. The girls were swept away to Disney World for 80 minutes as was I!.

Thank you for making my daughters birthday a MAGICAL DAY!
Michelle Mathie


Belle, Milton

I thought I should write and let you know just how pleased and excited my daughter Lila was when Belle showed up for her party this past Saturday! She was the best princess ever! What a lovely singing voice too and the way she entertained the little girls…I couldn’t believe it! Expect business from the other mom’s who were at the party because it was a great success. I will not hesitate to use your services again, thank you so very much for making my daughter’s day so magical.



Princess Tiana, Oakville

Yesterday we had Princess Tiana come to our four year old daughter’s birthday party. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful she was. She was right on time even though all of our guests said the traffic was terrible. From the moment she came to the door she was in character and had a beautiful Southern accent. We couldn’t believe how much she resembled the Disney character – just beautiful. All the little girls were mesmerized as were the adults. Her singing was amazing as was her interaction with the children. She was the perfect Princess Tiana and I would recommend her to anyone. Our guests all wanted to know where we found her. Please pass this letter on to her. I also wanted to let you know how nice it was to deal with you on the phone. My whole experience with Fantasy Fables was fantastic. Thank you for helping make our daughter’s birthday party so special.

Penny Delis


Cinderella, Toronto (Sick Kids)

Cindy! Last night was amazing!! Cinderella and Spiderman did a superb job. The family was thrilled with the party and grateful that we were able to provide them with an opportunity to celebrate this special time in their child’s lives and to be a family! The kids were very excited and a bit wild at times, but both Cinderella and Spiderman were great. They kept up with the energy and managed the birthday party and all the different interests of the kids. They also took the time to do family photos with the family and the patient, I know the mother was very appreciative of this. I told both Cinderella and Spiderman that when some photos are ready, with the parents permission, I will send some your way to share with them. Thank you again Cindy for all your help in organizing this event. I am always so impressed with Fantasy Fables, and thrilled that there is a reliable and professional company I can call on whenever I need a special character to brighten a child’s life!

All the best,
Caron Caron Irwin
The Hospital for Sick Children
Entertainment and Donations Coordinator


Cinderella, Coquitlam, B.C.

Just a note to say thank you for having Cinderella attend our daughter’s party on Saturday. She was absolutely perfect and all the little girls were mesmerized by her. Her voice was wonderful and truly played the role of a princess. Hannah loved every minute especially the princess makeup and is still talking about it. All the parents were completely impressed as well and I told everyone about Fantasy Fables. I am sure we will be calling again for future parties for our girls.

Best regards,


Snow White, Toronto

I just wanted to let you know that we were so honoured and happy to have Snow White visit us for our daughter Katerina’s Birthday Party on Saturday February 20th 2010 at our home in Acton. She was so beautiful and she had all of the little boys and girls mesmerized. She kept them enchanted for the whole hour by dancing and singing with them and giving them endless surprises. Our daughter was made to feel special and she truly believes that she and Snow White are now best friends. The adults kept on saying that “the real” Snow White really did visit us on that day.

Thank you again Snow White for making our special day so magical. You made a fairy tale come true for all of us.

Alba Kiss

P.S Hugs from Katerina!


Cinderella, Ajax

I just wanted to write and tell you that yesterday was a wonderful turn out for my daughters 5th Birthday. We had Cinderella come to our home (in Ajax) and she was AMAZING!! It was a very magical birthday and it absolutely made the party very special and very memorable! Cinderalla did such a wonderful job and we were very pleased with her. She stayed in character the entire time and had a beautiful voice, she was also right on time. Just wanted to say thank you so much and I will be sure to recommend Fantasy Fables to friends.

Kristyn R


Ariel, Ancaster

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how truly pleased we were with Ariel for my daughter Simona’s 4th Birthday party. Simona was memorized by the fact that Ariel was actually at her house and to celebrate her birthday with her. Ariel’s voice, her mannerisms and her gown were outstanding. Her beauty and singing even brought tears to my eyes. The children loved her and had them engaged the whole time. Thank you for making my daughters 4th birthday one that she will never forget.

We will definitely use Fantasy Fables again in the future,
Angela Febbraro
Ancaster, ON


Sleeping Beauty, Toronto

Oh. My. Gosh!! I, with the other Moms, were blown away! My Hubby is extremely cheap but when she sang “Once Upon a Dream” and she sounded BETTER than the performance in the movie, he asked if we should add a tip! My daughter Sara was in awe! It took her 20 minutes for it to sink in that Aurora is REALLY here for her party! She asked me after we got home to call Aurora’s Mommy & Daddy to make sure Aurora had a good time. Not that I wish that this would happen for you but if the actress is not picked up for Broadway, something is wrong! She took command of the room ever so gently, even keeping a pair of twin 2 yr. olds entertained. All eight little girls and one young man were so happy to be in her circle. I had 6 Moms there and all requested your site! One of the Moms who hired a “Princess” from another company this past February said, “Now THIS was what I was going for!!” Her “Cinderella” was lacking in talent and unfortunately…teeth. She’s my good friend and I emailed her your website address as soon as I got home. I really want to thank you again for everything!!

From Truly The Super-Mom,


Cinderella, Burlington

I just wanted to send you a quick message to say THANK YOU to Cinderella & Fantasy Fables for making my daughter’s birthday dream come true. She can’t stop talking about Cinderella. Everything was fantastic from beginning to end. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends.

Anita Horner


Sleeping Beauty, Ottawa

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with booking a Fantasy Fables party. We had Sleeping Beauty come to our home for our daughter’s 6th birthday party yesterday. When she arrived my daughter ran out into the driveway to hug her! She did such a great job entertaining the girls and her singing voice was outstanding! It was truly a wonderful and magical birthday experience for my daughter and her friends!

Thank you very much!
Karen Banks


Snow White, Toronto

We just wanted to say “Thank-you” to Fantasy Fables, but especially to Snow White! She came to Amy’s party on Saturday and was fantastic! All of the guests (adults and children) had a great time, and now we can’t wait for next year’s party!!!
Take Care,
Cindy Clements


Cinderella, Mississauga

I just wanted to let you know that Cinderella came to my daughter’s 3rd party yesterday and she was fantastic! From the minute she walked in the door until the minute she left, she thoroughly entertained all of the children! I have never seen a group of little girls so captivated and in awe! Thanks for bringing a real live fairy tale right to our house! Jackie Luik
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