Fashion doll

Fashion doll Party

Fashion doll Wishes Come True!

Our Signature Fashion doll Party(60 minutes)

specially designed for young girls 3 to 9 years old

Fashion doll Arrival

Fashion doll has arrived and the fashion show can begin!


Fashion doll will sing her favourite songs with her beautiful singing voice in a fabulous performance for your family and guests to watch.

She will get everyone up on their feet dancing while she teaches them her favourite dance moves!

Dance Freeze

Fashion doll will play a fun filled game of fashion doll dance freeze! Learn to pose like Fashion doll in true fashion doll style!

Each guest will receive a bracelet – up to 10 girls included.

Fashion doll Makeup

Every little girl’s dream will come true as she will have a light application of makeup – blush and lipgloss and finished with a sprinkle of magical Pixie dust!
Every little boy will receive a Disney tattoo. (Nails are also included if count of children is 10 and under) **Fantasy Fables uses disposable makeup applicators, for the health and safety of each child. Tattoos are available as a substitute for makeup if preferred. Please request upon booking.

Birthday Surprise!

Fashion doll will present the birthday girl with a special sparkly Tiarat! She is now a member of the Fashion doll Dream House Team!

Walk The Runway

Fashion doll will lead all of her new fashion dolls in a walk down the runway – just like a real fashion show! Get your cameras ready paparazzi because she will pose for photos!

Autographs and Happy Birthday

Fashion doll will sign her fashion doll autograph sheets for every guest. Fashion doll will lead everyone in a special “Happy Birthday” song fashion doll style complete with a group hug!

Fashion Farewell

Fashion doll says her warm goodbyes as she heads back to her Dream House!


  • Barbie Party
  • $185and up
    • Arrival
    • Performance
    • Dance Freeze
    • Jewelled Bracelet for each child
    • Fashion doll Beauty
    • Birthday Surprise
    • Fashion Show
    • Autograph and Happy Birthday
    • Fashion Farewell

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